One incredibly amazing thing about AAMA is that it is run entirely on a volunteer basis. And like all volunteer-run organisations, the key to the success is having a band of enthusiastic people volunteer their time and expertise to help out in any way possible. The AGM of the AAMA was held on Saturday 6th May and the executive positions were filled as follows:

  • President: Lyndon Kurth
  • Vice President: Alan Burnett
  • Treasurer: Dan Muggeridge
  • Assistant Treasurer: Peter Handley
  • Secretary: Shona McKenzie
  • Assistant Secretary: Gabrielle Ingram

We have an incredibly busy year ahead of us this year, and as such, the sharing of a range of duties is required. At the general meeting held on Saturday afternoon, a range of duties were confirmed and include managing the administration of the tournaments, website and Facebook communications, organising of events including the children’s end-of-year celebration, Black Belt Dinner and adults end-of-year celebration, responding to phone and email enquiries, maintenance of member email lists, clothing and stock management including coordinating orders for same, managing graduations processing, fundraising, grants writing and of course, the very fancy role of hachi maki maker (say that 10 times in a row as fast as you can!). It was exhausting just writing out the list of things that need to be done, and yet they all appear to the casual onlooker to just happen!

We welcome some fresh faces to the committee this year, but of course, you do not need to be formally part the committee to help out. For example, if you have a special skill in persuasive writing we are always in need to someone to write grant applications.

The AAMA community also collectively thank Sempai Lyndon for his role over the last year as President. It has been a challenging and busy year, and he has done a fantastic job keeping everything ticking along whilst balancing this with his other community-related commitments.