Tan gan ho

A comfortable transition from kihon, kumite and sports timing to free sparring

Tan gan ho, literally translated is training eyes method. It is a method of training unique in Australia to the Australian Academy of Martial Arts. The concept is an innovation of Shihan Kelleher’s teacher, Sensei Fujimoto Sadaharu, Chief Instructor and founder of our international organisation – International Karate-do Shobuki.

The goal of tan gan ho is to correctly score by striking your partner on the head whilst you endeavour to stop them from similarly striking you. In practice, the game is non-stop, whereas in matches it is stopped on a score. The score is acknowledged and the match restarted.

The specific purposes of tan gan ho training are threefold – eye training, foot work development and arm kumae development.

Eye Training

Arm Kumae

Foot Work

Fun for All Ages

This method of training affords us a comfortable bridge from kihon, kumite and sports timing to free sparring. This bridge offers us a safe way of extending our understanding and performance of distance, timing and accuracy of kihon kumite techniques and the tan gan ho hand techniques to the free punching and striking technique of free sparring.

Beside our attempt to master technical fundamentals of sparring, our tan gan ho methodology gives us a form to also safely develop our fighting, sport and self defence tactics.

Tan gan ho is a fun and exhilarating game for Academy members of all ages.