A hearty congratulations to all the members who competed in either the kata or kumite events at the QKA Invitational Tournament for 2017 on Saturday. It is pleasing to see such an improvement in the overall performances, both personally and as a club. Thanks are also extended to the coaches who have assisted our Academy’s students to progress in their skill development, to our new tournament manager, and to the parents, relatives and friends who came along to cheer our competitors along. Putting in a big effort for the entire weekend was our very own Sempai Vesa as one of the referees.

QKA Invitational Sempai Vesa

Sempai Vesa was one of the officials for the tournament


QKA Invitational partial team photo

Partial team photo taken on the Saturday

Competitors were debriefed at training this evening and asked to reflect on how they felt about their performance in the tournament and what they learned from the process.

Debriefing session after the tournament