Mission Statement

Developing the mind, body and spirit of its students through the quest for excellence in karate

Our philosophy



Self defence

Mind, body and spirit

Unique instruction


This is our foundation stone for success which lasts a lifetime not only in sport, but in work, family and life generally.  We endeavour to teach students to learn to always:

  • Do what has to be done
  • When it has to be done
  • To the best of their ability
  • Every time

Courtesy is a key behaviour for success in every walk of life. In martial arts training, the attitude and demonstration of courtesy under all circumstances and conditions is an essential requirement for progression through the grades. A constant focus on courtesy is developed in children’s classes and the most junior grades, and maintained through to and including all senior grades.

Self defence

A major part of the AAMA training program centres around self defence. This part of the training program is quite comprehensive covering areas from assertiveness, avoiding dangerous situations, through to actual physical defence if necessary. Self defence is taught from the perspective that the overall goal in a self defence situation is to escape as safely as possible. This may be possible through various preventative methods which are discussed with students.

While physical confrontation is something all karate students plan to avoid, the self defence aspect of karate is facilitated through AAMA’s curriculum. Within AAMA’s curriculum students’ knowledge and use of techniques is constantly expanded with a focus on those that are most effective for self defence. The goal of this training is to give students a complete self defence toolkit that can be utilised throughout life. The use of physical force is stressed to be a last resort – and many AAMA students often find that knowledge and the confidence training brings is in itself sufficient to avoid and escape conflict situations without the need for physical confrontation.

Self defence training within AAMA’s curriculum is effective for both males and females. AAMA’s founder, Shihan Graham Keleher, is a former Queensland Police Officer and Queensland Police self defence instructor. Shihan Keleher has previously designed workshops specifically teaching self defence skills.

Mind, body & spirit

The Academy aims to develop the mind, body and spirit of its students through training in karate. Although the expertise of the Academy has produce karate players at WKF World Championship and Australian Championship level, powerful results are available to every student to:

  • Manage stressful situations with clarity of purpose;
  • Feel fit and capable; and
  • Maintain a positive mental attitude and continue to focus to achieve your goals.

These life skills benefit all students daily

Unique training and instruction techniques for adults

The Academy utilises the most up to date training and instruction techniques for adults:

  • High level understanding of biomechanics;
  • Introspection as a means of understanding personal progress in acquiring new skills and absorbing knowledge;
  • Positive approaches and tools for knowledge retention and development; and
  • Training to a level limited only by a student’s commitment and level of determination.

Our instructors are Government accredited.