COVID class registration: adults and samurai

During the COVID-19 restrictions, AAMA must limit the number of people in the dojo (instructors and training students) to no more than 20 at any one time. Each week, students will be required to indicate the classes they will be attending so that we can ensure we are not exceeding our limit of 20.

Whilst we work on a registration system which is more intuitive, you will be asked to indicate every week the classes you wish to attend. If you register for a class which exceeds the limit, we will let you know as soon as possible. To accommodate COVID restrictions, we are changing the way classes are run to accommodate the various provisions for class change over etc. This will be most evident on Saturday morning and Tuesday and Thursday evenings with back-to-back classes. Every class listed below is open to students of any belt colour/grade.

Please note: you may not be able to attend the class you register for below and we will make every effort to advise you as soon as practically possible if this occurs. Where possible, you will be advised of other available options with vacancies. Best to book in early to avoid disappointment!