Karate for Healthy Ageing

Skills and exercises adapted from traditional Japanese karate

The program is taught by the Australian Academy of Martial Arts Karate-Do Club Inc. It aims to improve the general physical fitness and mental health of its participants utilising skills and exercises adapted from traditional Japanese karate.

The Healthy Ageing Program is based on traditional karate skills and exercises. The exercises promote coordinated movement, develop memorised sequential movements of various muscle groups that require right brain-left brain integration, and utilise stretching and balance exercises and promote joint movements especially in hips, shoulders and legs. Cardiovascular rate is raised to that of a brisk walk and some breathing techniques are taught.

There is no impact to hands or legs through punching or kicking hard objects or combative sparring. Impact to leg, knee and hip joints is minimised by the use of high density EVA rubber martial arts floor mats.

There is no oppositional partner work that involves sparring. Although some techniques that are practised have definite self-defence applications, this is not the focus of the program.

The program is currently conducted from 6am-7am on Tuesday mornings.

Exercise programs may have individual outcomes or impacts, or both, depending on the fitness and health condition of the participant. Although we strive to ensure this program is safe and within the potential of most people, we require that you discuss your intention to join this program with your doctor, and confirm that you have their approval to participate in the program.

If you are interested in joining our Healthy Ageing Program, please complete this form and contact us!

Areas of enhancement


Muscle tone




The program is tailored to meet the physical capacity of each student.