Karate for women and girls

Our last three black belt graduates were all female!
Learning a martial art doesn’t have to be all about protecting yourself with a range of fancy moves. It’s a fantastic way to increase fitness AND have fun with your friends! If you want to feel strong and confident, karate classes with the Australian Academy of Martial Arts might just be the exciting kick-start to that healthier lifestyle you have been looking for.

Is this you?

  • You want to try a 2021 Olympics demonstration sport that will enhance your mental strength as much as your physical strength?
  • You are tired of ‘traditional’ female sports?
  • You do not want to be required to wear ‘girly’ or pink or tight and revealing sportswear?
  • You want to be able to train with and compete against men in a sport where your skill and competence, rather than brute strength, will allow you to excel?
  • You want to feel confident in a verbal or physical confrontation?

then, take the challenge and try karate!

The Australian Academy of Martial Arts offers:

  • Special rates for full time uni students
  • Early morning and evening classes
  • Experienced Australian Sports Commission accredited instructors in a Club that has been established for 44 years
  • Multi-faceted activities: fitness and flexibility, effective self-defence, sport competition, cognitive processing, stress reduction
  • A non-contact training environment
  • Obligation free trial classes.

Grab your girlfriends, your daughter (or both!) and come to the dojo for your free introductory lesson.

Kumite Competition

If you want to enter competitions, we can teach you how to play and compete in this sport in kumite.

Kata Competition

There is another form of competition where expertise in kata is judged. Kata is a demonstration of the defensive and attacking application of karate techniques. In team kata at the highest level, the technique is first demonstrated and then the application with opponents (at ~3 mins) is shown.